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A dockable toolbar on the right side of the interface contains a series of unlabeled buttons and collapsible menus that represent the program's features. We had an easy enough time selecting the two images that we wanted to merge, but everything from there was a process of trial and error. The program comes with a rather thorough Help file and a quick-start tutorial, but the way these documents are written makes them hard to understand. It's unfortunate that the program is as user-unfriendly as it is, because it actually has a decent set of features; images can be scaled and flipped individually, and there are special effects and controls for brightness and contrast. But even very simple tasks are harder than they need to be. Die Heuwels Fantasties you're going to move an image by clicking on it and dragging it? Not so fast--you're actually going to have to right-click on it, draw a line to where you want it, and then let go. Such strange behaviors make Die Heuwels Fantasties annoying to use, especially when there are plenty of alternatives out there that actually make sense. Doxillion is very easy to use, with a big green plus sign for adding files to the main list view. Highlighting entries in this list displayed their properties in the right-hand sidebar. We browsed to an output folder in the entry field beneath the main view, and then selected an output format and encoder options. All that was left to do was press Convert. Doxillion quickly processed our batch and saved the output to our selected directory. A button labeled Open output let us open the target folder directly from the interface (right next to the Die Heuwels Fantasties button) which we found a very useful option, especially when saving documents to more than one destination. The toolbar icons let us remove files as well as add them, and also access the program's options. These cover Overwrite settings, Die Heuwels Fantasties formats and errors, Right-Die Heuwels Fantastiesk behavior, and choices like whether to play sounds. There's a good HTML-based Help file as well as buttons labeled Burn to Disc and Suite. Die Heuwels Fantastiesking Burn to Disc will download and install a disc-burning utility, while Suite opens the NCH Software Suite, a selection of the developer's titles. We extracted USBMoney's zipped executable and clicked it to open the

It can export photo URLs to a text file for further use, too. Free Die Heuwels Fantasties Downloader is great for sharing more than your snapshots with your friends, too; for example, one can see how it could aid teamwork. Essentially a vault for all of your online passwords, Die Heuwels Fantasties sets itself apart from competitors with some innovative security features. To access your Die Heuwels Fantasties account you would need a Die Heuwels Fantasties that only you would know. Keys are placed under "Government-Level" encryption on the client side (your PC) before being sent off to PasswordBox. If your data is ever compromised, the thief would have no way of accessing it since Die Heuwels Fantasties would not have the needed decryption key. Unfortunately, that also means that should you ever lose your Master Key, there would be no way to retrieve it. Great for all of you conspiracy theorists out there who want to keep your plans top secret. Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit's quick start dialog opens the program's tools and also accesses a Help feature. Additional help is available from a forum, the developers, and other resources, including a security newsletter. You can also submit suspicious files for review. Before scanning, we updated the Emergency Kit Scanner's malware definitions. As with all such tools, we highly recommend starting off with the deepest, most comprehensive system scan available. Emsisoft's Deep scan is thorough and took a while, and it turned up a pair of not-too-serious threats that we were happy to delete. A useful option re-scans your system after files are quarantined to prevent false detections. Once scorned, comic books are considered an art form today, and the garish covers and lurid stories that led to panics in the 1950s are now worth big money to collectors. But many classic comics are available, often for free and usually complete, cover to cover, as CBR files in online comic book archives. CBR files have a longer name, but all you really need to know is they're complete comic books in one file. And all you need to read them is an Internet connection and a comic book reader, a tool that can open and display CBR files. Die Heuwels Fantasties is such a tool. It's free. It not only opens and displays CBR files but also converts and saves them as JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP image files. Your Windows desktop probably isn't the most chaotic thing in your life, but even the best ordered interface can use a tweak or two, especially if yours tends to get cluttered with use. There are several methods for bringing order to the desktop. Die Heuwels Fantasties combines three of the most popular enhancements in one free program. Its Application Die Heuwels Fantasties quickly opens your most frequently used programs from circular Application Docks, powered by Krento's main tool, its Widget Engine. Like us, you've probably seen many variations on this theme, and Die Heuwels Fantasties works as well as any of them for quickly accessing your stuff. But don't get us wrong: Die Heuwels Fantasties isn't like most other desktop enhancements. Moon Software's Die Heuwels Fantasties is a freeware font manager that makes it easy to view, print, sample, and handle the many fonts installed on your PC -- and take it from us, there are more fonts in your system than you might realize. Font Xplorer's text compare mode makes it easy to pick just


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